Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Idea

Yes ok I did recently watch Julie & Julia and seeing all the blogs that people have been posting got me thinking maybe I should do one too. First of all it might be kinda fun to keep track of the stuff that I do when it comes to the house and cooking.

Part one I am learning from necesity how to remodel a home. Ok so no I'm not tearing out walls and doing that kind of stuff. No Extreme Home Makeover here. However in the past year or so I have learned how to cut out a section of subfloor, cut a patch from 3/4" plywood and patch the bad spot. I had help the first time and that didn't go so well but the helper was well meaning so we don't hold it against him. Then I did a section in the living room but now adjacent to that there is a brand new hole. My bedroom is a big project but I will have to post about that later.

The other part of this blog I hope will be what recipes I end up putting in a cookbook someday. I love cooking and experimenting so that is what I am going to use this for and just in general as a place to talk about food. That way people will stop telling me on facebook to stop posting about food because I make them hungry.

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